Objectives of SMI Radio/TV

Sweet Mother Radio/TV Series will amongst others

1. Create awareness about the dangerous statistics of maternal mortality in the world and Nigeria in particular.

2. Enlighten the women particularly about their rights

3. cause them to see possibilities of prosperity so they will not be caught in the web of poverty that accounts for 70% of the problems of women. Activate those possibilities and opportunities where possible;

4. show the young women the way to go so as to avoid social vices like prostitution, abuse etc. with a view to them making gainful recourses and decisions that crowns their creativity

5. celebrate women in the way they deserve to be and cause them to attain to appreciable levels of comfort across the African landscape


Sweet Mother Radio/TV intends to become the ombudsman for women’s issues and provide the platform for their springing out.

The intention is to ally with the providers of health care in bringing attention to the plight of women and also be responsible for instituting changes where necessary.

In celebrating women, we will look at women from all walks of life, regardless of their economic standing, who are making waves in seeing to it that women receive their pride of place within the society.

We will use fashion, achievements, drama, music, dance, song etc. to bring this through in diverse ways