Olumide Akinwumi-Oke

Short Profile

Mr. Akinwumi-Oke is the Coordinator Sweet Mother Radio/TV programs in Nigeria.

He has over 14 years experience in Customer / Clients Management, Mainstream Sales / Marketing and Quality Management.

Was for several years Country Customer Services Manager of DHL Nigeria.

An avid writer, he has extensive experience in acting, directing and film production.

Produced both radio and television programmes including:

     - Skye High (daily 5 minute motivational programme on radio presented by the former Group Managing Director of Skye Bank),

     - E360 - entertainment full circle programme pan Nigeria,

     - Golden Pasta Cook n Win - cookery game show,

     - Kebani - tourism magazine show,

     - Veleta Celebs! - celebration magazine show,

     - Power for the Wise - early morning inspirational show.

Has a special knack for documentaries and has done for several clients and groups.

Olumide holds a degree in law and has attended several trainings, locally and internationally, on Marketing, Management and Television production.

His strength is in Directing, Planning and Organizing.